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Affiliated Groups

Another Look

Another Look was born in 2012, when award-winning author Tobias Wolff, who then headed Stanford’s Creative Writing Program, along with Stanford literary journalist Cynthia Haven, decided that Stanford needed a book club that would be a magnet for book-lovers at Stanford, the Bay Area, and beyond. It would focus on short works that could be read in a few sittings – perfect for Silicon Valley professionals who don’t have the time or stamina for The Gulag Archipelago or Clarissa. It would feature “insider’s tips” on overlooked classics, forgotten masterpieces, or simply books that hadn’t gotten the attention they merit, rather than the popular, broad audience books that monopolize the tables of the chain bookstores – hence the name they settled on, the “Another Look Book Club.”

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French Culture Workshop

The French Culture Workshop brings together participants from different disciplines, including French literature, History, Comparative Literature, and Art History, to examine questions relevant to French culture and society from the modern period (1650 to present). Topics of discussion include political and intellectual history, imperialism and colonialism, nationalism and national identity, immigration and minorities, gender, and francophonie.

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Contact: James DaughtonDan Edelstein

Hebrew Literature Workshop

Stanford's Hebrew workshops meets several times each quarter and features guest lectures and discussions (all conducted in Hebrew) with renowned Hebrew writers, artists and scholars. Recent guests have included Almog Behar, Zeruyah Shalev and Dory Manor, among others.The workshop brings together an interdisciplinary group of Stanford graduate students and faculty for discussions centered around contemporary Hebrew literature and emerging and recent scholarship relating to Hebrew literature and culture.

Contact: Vered Shemtov