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Graduate Programs

Ph.D. Program Funding

We offer a five-year funding package, including summers, to all admitted Ph.D. students with competitive funding available for a sixth year. Funding covers tuition fees, Stanford Cardinal Card health insurance, and a living stipend or salary. Students are paid based on a combination of fellowships and assistantships during their time in the program.

Program Timeline

In the first year of the program, students focus on coursework, departmental exams, and preparing to teach. In year two, students continue coursework while also teaching with the Stanford Language Center. Most students advance to candidacy at the end of year two. In years three and four, students finish core coursework and departmental exams, complete the University Oral Exam, and begin work on the dissertation. In the final years of the program, students finish the teaching requirement, apply for fellowships, and complete the dissertation.

Throughout the program, we encourage our students to participate in the Research Unit, Focal Groups, and other extracurricular opportunities, such as conferences, fellowships, and more. Most students complete the program in approximately six years.

Teaching Requirement

Students are required to teach five courses by the end of year five in the program. Courses may be a combination of language and literature courses, as well as a combination of teaching assistantships, co-instructorships, and/or solo instructor positions.

Coursework, Language, and Other Requirements

Requirements vary by program. For more information, please visit the Stanford Bulletin.


Graduate Programs Available in the DLCL

Comparative Literature

Ph.D. in Comparative Literature
Ph.D. Minor in Comparative Literature
For more information about Comparative Literature graduate programs


French and Italian

M.A. in French
Ph.D. in French
Ph.D. in French and Italian
Ph.D. in Italian
Ph.D. Minor in French
Ph.D. Minor in Italian
For more information about French and Italian graduate programs


Iberian and Latin American Cultures (ILAC)

M.A. in Iberian and Latin American Cultures
Ph.D. in Iberian and Latin American Cultures
Ph.D. Minor in Iberian and Latin American Cultures
For more information about ILAC graduate programs


German Studies

M.A. in German Studies
Ph.D. in German Studies
Ph.D. Minor in German Studies
For more information about German Studies graduate programs


Slavic Languages and Literatures

M.A. in Slavic Languages and Literatures
Ph.D. in Slavic Languages and Literatures
Ph.D. Minor in Slavic Languages and Literatures
For more information about Slavic graduate programs