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Writing & Money

This research group studies the intersection of writing and money as approached by different authors, economists, philosophers, filmmakers, sociologists and policy makers. As an interdisciplinary group, Writing and Money welcomes all interested members from across and beyond the campus community.

The exploration of money through the lens of literature and the humanities grapples with such questions as: What can we learn about personal and societal relationships from representations of markets and financial interactions? How do periods of boom and bust reflect and act on the pressures of a society? How do financial crises shape not only policy but the way people understand themselves and the world? What are the economic forces behind technological advancement? What is the connection between knowledge and greed? Attempting to answer these questions requires input from different perspectives involving the humanities, social sciences, economics, philosophy, and the arts.  

Meetings will be held in Piggott Hall (Building 260 in Main Quad); be sure to check this webpage for upcoming events.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the faculty coordinator Prof. Joan Ramon Resina ( and graduate student coordinators Gabriela Badica ( and Laura Menendez Gorina (