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Subject Code Number Course Instructor
COMPLIT 107A Ancient Knowledge, New Frontiers: How the Greek Legacy Became Islamic Science (CLASSICS 47, HUMCORE 121)
COMPLIT 11Q Shakespeare, Playing, Gender
COMPLIT 122 Literature as Performance (DLCL 142)
COMPLIT 134A Classics of Persian Literature (COMPLIT 234)
COMPLIT 139A Jaguars and Labyrinths: A Survey of South American Short Fiction (ILAC 139)
COMPLIT 145 Reflection on the Other: The Arab Israeli Conflict in Literature and Film (AMELANG 126, JEWISHST 106)
COMPLIT 148 Transcultural Perspectives of South-East Asian Music and Arts (COMPLIT 267, FRENCH 260A, MUSIC 146N, MUSIC 246N)
COMPLIT 154A Film & Philosophy (ENGLISH 154F, FRENCH 154, ITALIAN 154, PHIL 193C, PHIL 293C)
COMPLIT 161E Narrative and Narrative Theory (ENGLISH 161)
COMPLIT 183 Self-Impersonation: Autobiography, Memoir, Fictional Autobiography (ENGLISH 183E)
COMPLIT 194 Independent Research
COMPLIT 199 Senior Seminar
COMPLIT 208 The Cosmopolitan Introvert: Modern Greek Poetry and its Itinerants
COMPLIT 218A Japanese Performance Traditions (JAPAN 141, JAPAN 241)
COMPLIT 231B Cultural Hybridity in Central-Eastern Europe (SLAVIC 160, SLAVIC 360)