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Subject Code Number Course Instructor
COMPLIT 101 What Is Comparative Literature?
COMPLIT 115 Nabokov in the Transnational Context (COMPLIT 315, SLAVIC 156, SLAVIC 356)
COMPLIT 121 Poems, Poetry, Worlds (DLCL 141)
COMPLIT 130 Fin-de-siècle Literature and Culture
COMPLIT 145 Reflection on the Other: The Jew and the Arab in Literature (AMELANG 126, JEWISHST 106)
COMPLIT 170 Theodor W. Adorno: History, Aesthetics, Catastrophe (COMPLIT 370, GERMAN 170, GERMAN 370)
COMPLIT 182 Making Palestine Visible (COMPLIT 82, CSRE 82G, HISTORY 82G, HISTORY 182G)
COMPLIT 194 Independent Research
COMPLIT 204 Indigenous Poetics and the Politics of Resistance
COMPLIT 208 The Cosmopolitan Introvert: Modern Greek Poetry and its Itinerants
COMPLIT 216 Jazz and Literature
COMPLIT 245 Introductory Ottoman Turkish
COMPLIT 248A Reading Turkish I
COMPLIT 249A The Iranian Cinema: Image and Meaning (GLOBAL 249A)
COMPLIT 303 Early Modern Prose Fictions (ENGLISH 302)