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For classes from past school years, please refer to the below archive list of classes.
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Subject Code Number Course Instructor
COMPLIT 109 Masterpieces: Orhan Pamuk
COMPLIT 121 Poems, Poetry, Worlds (DLCL 141)
COMPLIT 132A Dynasties, Dictators and Democrats: History and Politics in Germany (GERMAN 132)
COMPLIT 194 Independent Research
COMPLIT 209 Advanced Readings in Persian
COMPLIT 214A Wilde's Words: Oscar Wilde in an International Context
COMPLIT 248A Reading Turkish I
COMPLIT 249A The Iranian Cinema: Image and Meaning (GLOBAL 249A)
COMPLIT 252A Classic Arabic Poetry
COMPLIT 359A Philosophical Reading Group (FRENCH 395, ITALIAN 395)
COMPLIT 369 Introduction to the Profession of "Literary Studies" for Graduate Students (DLCL 369, FRENCH 369, GERMAN 369, ITALIAN 369)
COMPLIT 398L Literary Lab (ENGLISH 398L)
COMPLIT 399 Individual Work
COMPLIT 42 Making Palestine Visible (CSRE 3A, HISTORY 3A, JEWISHST 3A)
COMPLIT 802 TGR Dissertation