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Subject Code Number Course Instructor
COMPLIT 249A The Iranian Cinema: Image and Meaning (GLOBAL 249A)
COMPLIT 255 Black Feminism and Anti-Carceral Resistance (AFRICAAM 355, FEMGEN 255A)
COMPLIT 284A Poetry and Mysticism (COMPLIT 184A)
COMPLIT 287 Hope in the Modern Age (GERMAN 287, JEWISHST 287)
COMPLIT 288 Women, Wheat, and Weather? Lessons from Italy and the Global South for the 21st Century (COMPLIT 188A, FRENCH 188, FRENCH 288, ITALIAN 188, ITALIAN 288)
COMPLIT 302 Film Series: Understanding Turkey Through Film (COMPLIT 102)
COMPLIT 31 Texts that Changed the World from the Ancient Middle East (HUMCORE 111, JEWISHST 150, RELIGST 150)
COMPLIT 314A Shipwrecks and Backlands: Getting Lost in Literature (COMPLIT 214, ILAC 218, ILAC 318)
COMPLIT 316 Scholarship and Activism for Justice
COMPLIT 324 Before the Global South: The Avant-Garde and the Quest for New Knowledges in the Premodern (FRENCH 324)
COMPLIT 334A Concepts of Modernity I: Philosophical Foundations (ILAC 334A, MTL 334A)
COMPLIT 359A Philosophical Reading Group (FRENCH 395, ITALIAN 395)
COMPLIT 369 Introduction to the Profession of Literary Studies (DLCL 369, FRENCH 369, GERMAN 369, ITALIAN 369)
COMPLIT 397 Graduate Studies Colloquium
COMPLIT 399 Individual Work