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For Winter 2015 classes, please see the ExploreCourses.
For classes from past school years, please refer to the below archive list of classes.
For classes in language proficiency, please see the Language Center.

Subject Code Number Course Instructor
COMPLIT 283 Masterpieces of Hebrew Literature from the Bible to the Present (JEWISHST 243)
COMPLIT 331 The Contemporary
COMPLIT 338 The Gothic in Literature and Culture (ENGLISH 338, FRENCH 338)
COMPLIT 345B The African Atlantic (AFRICAAM 148, AFRICAST 145B, COMPLIT 145B, CSRE 145B, FRENCH 145B, FRENCH 345B)
COMPLIT 353A Experiment and the Novel (ENGLISH 303)
COMPLIT 355 Alterity, Ethics, Politics
COMPLIT 38Q Ethics of Jihad
COMPLIT 398L Literary Lab (ENGLISH 398L)
COMPLIT 399 Individual Work
COMPLIT 802 TGR Dissertation
DLCL 1 CSN Undergraduate Colloquium (ENGLISH 1)
DLCL 152A DLCL Film Series: Films on Film (DLCL 354A)
DLCL 189C Honors Thesis Seminar
DLCL 199 Honors Thesis Oral Presentation
DLCL 202 Humanities+Design