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For Winter 2015 classes, please see the ExploreCourses.
For classes from past school years, please refer to the below archive list of classes.
For classes in language proficiency, please see the Language Center.

Subject Code Number Course Instructor
DLCL 121 Performing the Middle Ages
DLCL 127 Revolutions from Ancient Greece to the Arab Spring (FRENCH 147)
DLCL 141 Poems, Poetry, Worlds (COMPLIT 121)
DLCL 152A DLCL Film Series: Films on Film (DLCL 354A)
DLCL 189A Honors Thesis Seminar
DLCL 208 Medieval Sensory Experience
DLCL 220 Humanities Education
DLCL 222 Philosophy and Literature
DLCL 223 Renaissances
DLCL 224 Workshop in Poetics
DLCL 225 Digital Humanities
DLCL 227 Persian, Arabic, Turkish, and Hebrew Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
DLCL 293 Literary Translation (ENGLISH 293)
DLCL 302 The Learning and Teaching of Second-Language Literatures
DLCL 333 Philosophy, Literature, and the Arts Core Seminar (PHIL 333)