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For classes from the current school year, please refer to the below list of courses.

For classes in language proficiency, please see the Language Center.

For all other course-related questions or searches, please visit ExploreCourses.


Subject Code Number Course Instructor
COMPLIT 57 Human Rights and World Literature
COMPLIT 802 TGR Dissertation
DLCL 102 10 Jobs in 10 Weeks: Leveraging Your Liberal Arts Career
DLCL 143 The Novel and the World (COMPLIT 123)
DLCL 189C Honors Thesis Seminar
DLCL 199 Honors Thesis Oral Presentation
DLCL 221 Materia
DLCL 222 Philosophy and Literature
DLCL 223 Renaissances
DLCL 224 Workshop in Poetics
DLCL 229 The Contemporary
DLCL 230 Medieval Studies Workshop
DLCL 293 Literary Translation (COMPLIT 293, ENGLISH 293)
DLCL 298 Preparing to Teach English as a Second Language
DLCL 301 The Learning and Teaching of Second Languages