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For classes from the current school year, please refer to the below list of courses.

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Subject Code Number Course Instructor
GERMAN 120B Fairy Tales
GERMAN 135 German Conversation (GERMAN 235)
GERMAN 199 Individual Work
GERMAN 232 German Literature 3: Modernity and the Unspeakable (GERMAN 332)
GERMAN 235 German Conversation (GERMAN 135)
GERMAN 261 Theorie des Erzählens (GERMAN 361)
GERMAN 332 German Literature 3: Modernity and the Unspeakable (GERMAN 232)
GERMAN 343 World War Two: Place, Loss, History (ARTHIST 401)
GERMAN 361 Theorie des Erzählens (GERMAN 261)
GERMAN 396 German Studies Lecture Series
GERMAN 397 Graduate Studies Colloquium
GERMAN 399 Individual Work
GERMAN 802 TGR Dissertation
ILAC 122A Radical Poetry: The Avant-garde in Latin America and Spain
ILAC 127 After Dictatorship: Facts, Fiction, and Justice in Latin America