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For classes from the current school year, please refer to the below list of courses.

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Subject Code Number Course Instructor
ILAC 199 Individual Work
ILAC 242 Poetry Workshop in Spanish
ILAC 249 Women and Wolves in Film and Literature (ILAC 355)
ILAC 278A Senior Seminar: The Iberian Pastoral
ILAC 299 Individual Work
ILAC 355 Women and Wolves in Film and Literature (ILAC 249)
ILAC 399 Individual Work
ILAC 680 Curricular Practical Training
ILAC 802 TGR Dissertation
ITALIAN 129 Introduction to Modern Italian Literature and Culture
ITALIAN 155 The Mafia in Society, Film, and Fiction (COMPLIT 155A)
ITALIAN 179 Italian Art, Italian Food: Florence and the Banquet of Culture
ITALIAN 199 Individual Work
ITALIAN 214 Pirandello, Sartre, and Beckett (COMPLIT 281E, COMPLIT 381E, FRENCH 214, FRENCH 314, ITALIAN 314)
ITALIAN 300 Italian Modernities: Lecture Series and Course (ITALIAN 200)