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Subject Code Number Course Instructor
COMPLIT 315 Nabokov in the Transnational Context (COMPLIT 115, SLAVIC 156, SLAVIC 356)
COMPLIT 323 The Renaissance Atlantic
COMPLIT 334A Concepts of Modernity I: Philosophical Foundations (MTL 334A)
COMPLIT 359A Philosophical Reading Group (FRENCH 395, ITALIAN 395)
COMPLIT 369 Introduction to the Profession of Literary Studies (DLCL 369, FRENCH 369, GERMAN 369, ITALIAN 369)
COMPLIT 370 Theodor W. Adorno: History, Aesthetics, Catastrophe (COMPLIT 170, GERMAN 170, GERMAN 370)
COMPLIT 371 Aesthetics, Politics, and Modernity: Critical Theory and China (CHINA 371)
COMPLIT 37Q Zionism and the Novel (JEWISHST 37Q)
COMPLIT 398L Literary Lab (ENGLISH 398L)
COMPLIT 399 Individual Work
COMPLIT 55N Batman, Hamilton, Díaz, and Other Wondrous Lives (CSRE 55N)
COMPLIT 802 TGR Dissertation
COMPLIT 82 Making Palestine Visible (COMPLIT 182, CSRE 82G, HISTORY 82G, HISTORY 182G)
DLCL 106 Censorship & Propaganda: From Renaissance to Revolution (HISTORY 9S)
DLCL 11 Humanities Core: Great Books, Big Ideas -- Europe, The Ancient World (CLASSICS 37, HUMCORE 11)