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Subject Code Number Course Instructor
ILAC 130 Introduction to Iberia: Cultural Perspectives
ILAC 140 Migration in 21st Century Latin American Film (CHILATST 140)
ILAC 161 Modern Latin American Literature
ILAC 199 Individual Work
ILAC 263 Visions of the Andes
ILAC 271A Contemporary Women's Voices: Narratives of Memory, Mourning and Illness
ILAC 277 Senior Seminar: Spanish and Society - From Novel to Film
ILAC 299 Individual Work
ILAC 334A Concepts of Modernity I: Philosophical Foundations (COMPLIT 334A, MTL 334A)
ILAC 347 Topics of: Early Modern Iberian Lyric Poetry
ILAC 399 Individual Work
ILAC 801 TGR Project
ILAC 802 TGR Dissertation
ITALIAN 127 Inventing Italian Literature: Dante, Boccaccio, Petrarca
ITALIAN 164 Horror, Italian Style