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Subject Code Number Course Instructor
COMPLIT 100 CAPITALS: How Cities Shape Cultures, States, and People (DLCL 100, FRENCH 175, GERMAN 175, HISTORY 206E, ILAC 175, ITALIAN 175, URBANST 153)
COMPLIT 101 What Is Comparative Literature?
COMPLIT 102 Film Series: Understanding Turkey Through Film (COMPLIT 302)
COMPLIT 104A Voice, Dissent, Resistance: Antiracist and Antifascist Discourse and Action (COMPLIT 304)
COMPLIT 107A Ancient Knowledge, New Frontiers: How the Greek Legacy Became Islamic Science (CLASSICS 47, HUMCORE 121)
COMPLIT 10N Shakespeare and Performance in a Global Context
COMPLIT 111Q Texts and Contexts: Spanish/English Literary Translation Workshop (DLCL 111Q, ILAC 111Q)
COMPLIT 115 Vladimir Nabokov: Displacement and the Liberated Eye (COMPLIT 315, SLAVIC 156, SLAVIC 356)
COMPLIT 118 The Gothic in Literature and Culture (ENGLISH 138E)
COMPLIT 119 The Turkish Novel (COMPLIT 319)
COMPLIT 11Q Shakespeare, Playing, Gender
COMPLIT 121 Poems, Poetry, Worlds (DLCL 141)
COMPLIT 122 Literature as Performance (DLCL 142)
COMPLIT 123 The Novel and the World (DLCL 143)
COMPLIT 124C Napoleon (FRENCH 124A)
COMPLIT 127B The Hebrew and Jewish Short Story (JEWISHST 147B)
COMPLIT 128 Literature of the former Yugoslavia (REES 128, SLAVIC 128)
COMPLIT 131 Coming of Age in the Middle Ages