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Subject Code Number Course Instructor
COMPLIT 132A Nostalgia as a Global Form
COMPLIT 133A Literature and Society in Africa and the Caribbean (AFRICAAM 133, AFRICAST 132, COMPLIT 233A, CSRE 133E, FRENCH 133, JEWISHST 143)
COMPLIT 134A Classics of Persian Literature (COMPLIT 234)
COMPLIT 138 Literature and the Brain (COMPLIT 238, ENGLISH 118, ENGLISH 218, FRENCH 118, FRENCH 218, PSYC 126, PSYCH 118F)
COMPLIT 139A Jaguars and Labyrinths: A Survey of South American Short Fiction (ILAC 139)
COMPLIT 142 The Literature of the Americas (AMSTUD 142, CSRE 142, ENGLISH 172E)
COMPLIT 142B Translating Japan, Translating the West (JAPAN 121, JAPAN 221)
COMPLIT 145 Reflection on the Other: The Arab Israeli Conflict in Literature and Film (AMELANG 126, JEWISHST 106)
COMPLIT 147 Facts and Fictions: Writing the New World in Early Modernity (1500-1700)
COMPLIT 148 Transcultural Perspectives of South-East Asian Music and Arts (COMPLIT 267, FRENCH 260A, MUSIC 146N, MUSIC 246N)
COMPLIT 149 The Laboring of Diaspora & Border Literary Cultures (CSRE 149, ILAC 149)
COMPLIT 154A Film & Philosophy (ENGLISH 154F, FRENCH 154, ITALIAN 154, PHIL 193C, PHIL 293C)
COMPLIT 155A The Mafia in Society, Film, and Fiction (ITALIAN 155)
COMPLIT 159 Asian American Film and Popular Culture (AMSTUD 115, ASNAMST 115, ENGLISH 169C)
COMPLIT 161E Narrative and Narrative Theory (ENGLISH 161)
COMPLIT 178 Metamorphosis and Desire: Spenser, Marlowe, Shakespeare, Milton
COMPLIT 179 Rumi: Rhythms of Creation (COMPLIT 249)
COMPLIT 181 Philosophy and Literature (CLASSICS 42, ENGLISH 81, FRENCH 181, GERMAN 181, ILAC 181, ITALIAN 181, PHIL 81, SLAVIC 181)