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Subject Code Number Course Instructor
COMPLIT 183 Self-Impersonation: Autobiography, Memoir, Fictional Autobiography (ENGLISH 183E)
COMPLIT 188 In Search of the Holy Grail: Percival's Quest in Medieval Literature (COMPLIT 388, GERMAN 188, GERMAN 388)
COMPLIT 194 Independent Research
COMPLIT 199 Senior Seminar
COMPLIT 204A Digital Humanities Across Borders (DLCL 204, ENGLISH 204)
COMPLIT 207 Why is Climate Change Un-believable? Interdisciplinary Approaches to Environmental Action
COMPLIT 208 The Cosmopolitan Introvert: Modern Greek Poetry and its Itinerants
COMPLIT 210 Poetic Forms
COMPLIT 218A Japanese Performance Traditions (JAPAN 141, JAPAN 241)
COMPLIT 220 Renaissance Africa (AFRICAST 220E, ILAC 220E, ILAC 320E)
COMPLIT 222A Myth and Modernity (GERMAN 222, GERMAN 322, JEWISHST 242G, JEWISHST 342)
COMPLIT 225 Word and Image (ARTHIST 265A, ARTHIST 465A, ITALIAN 265, ITALIAN 365)
COMPLIT 228 Critical Translation Studies (JAPAN 123, JAPAN 223)
COMPLIT 229B Camus (CSRE 129, FRENCH 129, HISTORY 235F)
COMPLIT 231B Cultural Hybridity in Central-Eastern Europe (SLAVIC 160, SLAVIC 360)
COMPLIT 233A Literature and Society in Africa and the Caribbean (AFRICAAM 133, AFRICAST 132, COMPLIT 133A, CSRE 133E, FRENCH 133, JEWISHST 143)
COMPLIT 234 Classics of Persian Literature (COMPLIT 134A)