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Subject Code Number Course Instructor
COMPLIT 249C Contemporary Iranian Theater (GLOBAL 249C)
COMPLIT 252A Great Arabic Poetry
COMPLIT 252B Great Arabic Prose
COMPLIT 257 Simone Weil, Simone de Beauvoir, Hannah Arendt, and Adriana Cavarero (COMPLIT 357A, FEMGEN 257X, FEMGEN 357X, FRENCH 257, FRENCH 357, ITALIAN 257, ITALIAN 357)
COMPLIT 258A Existentialism, from Moral Quest to Novelistic Form (ILAC 211, ILAC 311)
COMPLIT 263 A History of Silence in Literature
COMPLIT 264 Crossing the Atlantic: Race and Identity in the African Diaspora (CSRE 265, FRENCH 264)
COMPLIT 264T Race, Gender, Justice (TAPS 264S)
COMPLIT 267 Transcultural Perspectives of South-East Asian Music and Arts (COMPLIT 148, FRENCH 260A, MUSIC 146N, MUSIC 246N)
COMPLIT 268 Socialism: Theory, Literature, Practice (GERMAN 268)
COMPLIT 281E Pirandello, Sartre, and Beckett (COMPLIT 381E, FRENCH 214, FRENCH 314, ITALIAN 214, ITALIAN 314)
COMPLIT 283A Modern Notions of 'The Holy' (COMPLIT 383A, GERMAN 283A, GERMAN 383A, RELIGST 283A, RELIGST 383A)
COMPLIT 285 Texts and Contexts: French-English Translation (CSRE 285, FRENCH 185, FRENCH 285)
COMPLIT 286 Forming the world: Pragmatism and Aesthetics (GERMAN 286)
COMPLIT 290A Magic, Science, and Religion (COMPLIT 390A, FRENCH 290, FRENCH 390, ITALIAN 290, ITALIAN 390)
COMPLIT 293 Literary Translation (DLCL 293, ENGLISH 293)
COMPLIT 302 Film Series: Understanding Turkey Through Film (COMPLIT 102)
COMPLIT 304 Voice, Dissent, Resistance: Antiracist and Antifascist Discourse and Action (COMPLIT 104A)