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Subject Code Number Course Instructor
COMPLIT 377 Medieval Lyric: How Lyric Moves (FRENCH 377, ITALIAN 377)
COMPLIT 37Q Zionism and the Novel (JEWISHST 37Q)
COMPLIT 381E Pirandello, Sartre, and Beckett (COMPLIT 281E, FRENCH 214, FRENCH 314, ITALIAN 214, ITALIAN 314)
COMPLIT 383A Modern Notions of 'The Holy' (COMPLIT 283A, GERMAN 283A, GERMAN 383A, RELIGST 283A, RELIGST 383A)
COMPLIT 388 In Search of the Holy Grail: Percival's Quest in Medieval Literature (COMPLIT 188, GERMAN 188, GERMAN 388)
COMPLIT 390A Magic, Science, and Religion (COMPLIT 290A, FRENCH 290, FRENCH 390, ITALIAN 290, ITALIAN 390)
COMPLIT 397 Graduate Studies Colloquium
COMPLIT 398L Literary Lab (ENGLISH 398L)
COMPLIT 399 Individual Work
COMPLIT 43 Modernity and Novels in the Middle East (HUMCORE 131)
COMPLIT 44 Humanities Core: How to be Modern in East Asia (CHINA 24, HUMCORE 133, JAPAN 24, KOREA 24)
COMPLIT 46 Atlantic Folds: Indigeneity and Modernity (HUMCORE 135)
COMPLIT 51Q Comparative Fictions of Ethnicity (AMSTUD 51Q, CSRE 51Q)
COMPLIT 55N Batman, Hamilton, Díaz, and Other Wondrous Lives (CSRE 55N)
COMPLIT 57 Human Rights and World Literature
COMPLIT 680 Curricular Practical Training
COMPLIT 70N Animal Planet and the Romance of the Species (CHINA 70N)
COMPLIT 802 TGR Dissertation