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Subject Code Number Course Instructor
FRENCH 230 Giambattista Vico & Claude Lévi-Strauss (FRENCH 330, ITALIAN 327)
FRENCH 236 Casablanca - Algiers - Tunis : Cities on the Edge (AFRICAAM 236B, COMPLIT 236A, CSRE 140S, FRENCH 336, HISTORY 245C, URBANST 140F)
FRENCH 238 Art and the Market (ARTHIST 238C)
FRENCH 239 The Afterlife of the Middle Ages (FRENCH 339)
FRENCH 246 Body over Mind (FRENCH 346, ITALIAN 346)
FRENCH 248 Cinema and the Real: Italian Neo-Realism and the French New Wave (FRENCH 148, ITALIAN 148, ITALIAN 248)
FRENCH 249 The Algerian Wars (CSRE 249, HISTORY 239G, JEWISHST 249)
FRENCH 252 Art and Power: From Royal Spectacle to Revolutionary Ritual (ARTHIST 252A)
FRENCH 257 Simone de Beauvoir, Hannah Arendt, and Adriana Cavarero (COMPLIT 257, COMPLIT 357A, FEMGEN 257X, FEMGEN 357X, FRENCH 357, ITALIAN 257, ITALIAN 357)
FRENCH 260A Transcultural Perspectives of South-East Asian Music and Arts (COMPLIT 148, COMPLIT 267, MUSIC 146N, MUSIC 246N)
FRENCH 261 War and Peace: Writings by and about Veterans in the 20th and 21st Centuries (FRENCH 361, ITALIAN 261, ITALIAN 361)
FRENCH 262 Symbolism in Literature and the Arts (FRENCH 362, ITALIAN 262, ITALIAN 362)
FRENCH 264 Crossing the Atlantic: Race and Identity in the African Diaspora
FRENCH 265 The Problem of Evil in Literature, Film, and Philosophy (POLISCI 338E)
FRENCH 266 Food, Text, Music: A Multidisciplinary Lab on the Art of Feasting (FRENCH 166, FRENCH 366, MUSIC 133, MUSIC 333)
FRENCH 272 Body Doubles: From the Fantastic Short Story to Science-Fiction (FRENCH 372, ITALIAN 272, ITALIAN 372)
FRENCH 279 How the French Reinvented Cinema: The New Wave (FRENCH 379)
FRENCH 281 Women in Africa and the Caribbean: Tales of Agency