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Subject Code Number Course Instructor
ITALIAN 142 The Good Life: Renaissance Perspectives on Perennial Questions
ITALIAN 148 Cinema and the Real: Italian Neo-Realism and the French New Wave (FRENCH 148, FRENCH 248, ITALIAN 248)
ITALIAN 149 Love at First Sight: Visual Desire, Attraction, and the Pleasures of Art (ARTHIST 119, ARTHIST 319, FRENCH 149, FRENCH 349, ITALIAN 349)
ITALIAN 152 Boccaccio's Decameron: The Ethics of Storytelling (ITALIAN 352)
ITALIAN 154 Film & Philosophy (COMPLIT 154A, ENGLISH 154F, FRENCH 154, PHIL 193C, PHIL 293C)
ITALIAN 154E Film & Philosophy CE (FRENCH 154E, PHIL 193E, PHIL 293E)
ITALIAN 155 The Mafia in Society, Film, and Fiction (COMPLIT 155A)
ITALIAN 175 CAPITALS: How Cities Shape Cultures, States, and People (COMPLIT 100, DLCL 100, FRENCH 175, GERMAN 175, HISTORY 206E, ILAC 175, URBANST 153)
ITALIAN 179 Italian Art, Italian Food: Florence and the Banquet of Culture
ITALIAN 181 Philosophy and Literature (CLASSICS 42, COMPLIT 181, ENGLISH 81, FRENCH 181, GERMAN 181, ILAC 181, PHIL 81, SLAVIC 181)
ITALIAN 190 The Celluloid Gaze: Gender, Identity and Sexuality in Cinema
ITALIAN 199 Individual Work
ITALIAN 200 Italian Modernities: Lecture Series and Course (ITALIAN 300)
ITALIAN 206 Dante and the Romantics (ENGLISH 206)
ITALIAN 214 Pirandello, Sartre, and Beckett (COMPLIT 281E, COMPLIT 381E, FRENCH 214, FRENCH 314, ITALIAN 314)
ITALIAN 216 Michelangelo Architect (ARTHIST 416A, CEE 33A)
ITALIAN 228 Science, technology and society and the humanities in the face of the looming disaster (FRENCH 228, POLISCI 233F)
ITALIAN 232B Heretics, Prostitutes and Merchants: The Venetian Empire (HISTORY 232B)