Department of German Studies

450 Jane Stanford Way
Pigott Hall, Bldg 260, Rm 116
Stanford, CA 94305-2030

Phone:(650) 725-9225
Fax: (650) 725-9306
Email: dlcl [at]

German Studies Contact


Elizabeth Bernhardt

Elizabeth Bernhardt
ebernhar [at]

Department Administrator

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John Richardson
Assistant Director of Finance and Operations
(650) 721-2803
johnwr [at]


Alys George
Chair of Undergraduate Studies [at]

Russell Berman

Russell Berman
Chair of Graduate Studies
berman [at]

Student Affairs & Graduate Admissions

John Giammalva
Graduate Student Services Manager
(650) 279-3630
giammalva [at]

Judy Nugent
Undergraduate Student Services Officer
(650) 723-1967
dlclstudentservices [at]

Language Coordinator

Paul Nissler

Paul Nissler
nissler [at]

Undergraduate Peer Advisor