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Framing Law and Humanities in/from the Global South



Beth Piatote, Diana Guzmán, Leila Neti, Marco Wan


Wednesday, March 2, 2022 - 5:00pm - 6:30pm





Framing Law and Humanities in/from the Global South

Join our new research group on Law and Literature in the Global South. We begin with a two-day series:

Framing Law and Humanities in/from the Global South
March 2: On the first day, we are thrilled to present a four-speaker roundtable, featuring: Beth Piatote, Diana Guzmán, Leila Neti, and Marco Wan.
March 3: On the second day, Alyse Bertenthal, Allison Bigelow, and Alberto Acosta will discuss the juridical personhood of nature, nonhuman rights, and the role of culture in conceptualizing these problems.
Hosted and organized by Héctor Hoyos and Joseph Wager. Sponsored by Stanford Global Studies as part of the SGS Global Research Workshop program.
Law and Literature in the Global South broadens the horizons of the Law and Humanities critical paradigm. Rather than conversations that center legal and cultural practices from the Global North, which are then brought to bear on “objects of study” from the South, this workshop engages with practitioners whose expertise constellates around global concerns and addresses theorizing subjects in the South. At its heart, Law and Literature in the Global South is an interdisciplinary group that adopts an expansive approach to the understanding of literature (i.e., novels and poems as well as cinema, visual culture, etc.). In this way, the group will open spaces for Law and Humanities debates at Stanford and proffer a shared platform to develop the research agendas of various faculty and graduate students related to legal cultures and cognate literatures from different locales (mainly China, the Middle East, and South America).
Post-event recordings can be viewed at the links below:
March 2, 2022 event -