German Studies Lecture Series: Wolf Junghanns

German Studies Lecture Series: Wolf Junghanns
Wolf-Dietrich Junghanns (Stanford University)
Tue October 25th 2022, 12:00pm
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Department of German Studies
Pigott Hall, Bldg 260, Rm 252

The German Studies Lecture Series presents:
Cramer Haus and Family (1913-1933) – Today's Home of Stanford in Berlin
Before the BAUHAUS there was the design movement of the WERKBUND, co-founded in 1907 by the architect, architectural historian, and government official Hermann Muthesius (1861–1927). The landmark protected Haus Cramer (1912–13) is considered to be one of his best designs of a German LANDHAUS, a suburban country house according to English models with emphasis on practicality and comfort instead of ostentation, and the unity of house and garden. Gertrud, one of Germany's first female high-school graduates, and Hans Cramer, a grain trader, commissioned the house for a healthy environment and playground for their children. The family left Germany in April 1933 in immediate response to the boycott of Jewish businesses and the change in passport rules for Jews. Hans and the children continued or started careers in business and education in the United States while the house, before and after 1945, was occupied by various parties and almost demolished.
The talk will discuss the main aspects of this special example of Jewish-German history, of immigrant entrepreneurship and scholarship in the United States, as well as urban, architectural, garden and, last but not least, games and sports history. This talk will be in English. Lunch will be provided.
Wolf Junghanns is a lecturer in German Studies at Stanford University (Autumn 2022) and an instructor and internship coordinator at BOSP Berlin.