Global Humanities Workshop: Nauman Naqvi, Andrew Hui

Global Humanities Workshop: Nauman Naqvi, Andrew Hui
Thu December 2nd 2021, 6:00pm

Speaker(s): Nauman Naqvi (Habib University), Andrew Hui (Yale - National University of Singapore College)

Join us for a series of workshops from the Stanford Humanities Core.
RSVP here in advance to receive the Zoom link by email. These workshops will be hosted through Zoom, in Pigott Hall, or as a hybrid of both. In-person attendance is limited to the Stanford community only until further notice.
This series is organized by Professor Alexander Key and Chiara Giovanni. Sponsored by the PATH+ Focal Group in the DLCL Research Unit. Thank you to our co-sponsors: the Abbasi Program and the Center for South Asia.
6:00pm on Thursday 2 December 2021 (hybrid):
Professor Nauman Naqvi from Habib University's Liberal Core on "From Modernity to Hikma: Cultivating a Philosophical Sensibility Today: analyzing some of the essential stakes in the key sequence of courses in the humanities and social sciences portion of Habib University’s Liberal Core Curriculum: (1) Core 102: What is Modernity?; (2) Core 201: Pakistan & Modern South Asia (i.e., modernity in South Asia); and (3) Core 202: ‘Hikma: The History of Islamic Thought.’"
Professor Andrew Hui from the Yale - National University of Singapore College on "Global Humanities Pedagogy."
Upcoming Speakers:
January 2022 (hybrid):
Professor Nasrin Rahmieh from UC Irvine's Humanities Core Program.
Professor Najeeb Jan from Habib University's Comparative Humanities Program.
February 2022 (in-person):
Professor Sharon Kinoshita from UC Santa Cruz on the global middle ages.
Dr. Vered Shemtov on the Stanford Humanities Core.
May 2022 (in-person):
Professor Annette Lienau from Harvard on comparative literature.
Professor Grant Parker on the Stanford Humanities Core.