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Humanities Education Focal Group



Prof. Mitchell Stevens (Graduate School of Education-Stanford)


Thursday, February 7, 2019 - 12:30pm - 1:20pm





Humanities Education Focal Group

Want to help save the humanities from disappearing?


Then you should know how to get students to take your classes. 


The way undergrads choose courses is complicated, yet educators and students have always relied on anecdotal information about the factors that influence these decisions. Stanford's Carta Lab is one of the main research centers that studies this process. 


The Humanities Education Focal Group invites you to join us for lunch and interdisciplinary conversation as Prof. Mitchell Stevens of the Graduate School of Education at Stanford shares an overview of Carta's work since 2016.


Please RSVP here if you plan on attending, and we look forward to seeing you in Room 252, Pigott Hall, at 12.30pm next Thursday.


Mitchell L. Stevens ( is Associate Professor of Education and (by courtesy) Organizational Behavior and Sociology at Stanford. He studies the organization of US higher education, the quantification of academic performance, and alternative school forms. The author of prize-winning studies of home education and selective college admissions, he currently is writing a book about how US research universities organize research and teaching about the rest of the world. He serves as the third Director of the Scandinavian Consortium for Organizational Research, a cooperative institution that has brought more than 500 scholars to Stanford over a quarter century and catalyzes organizational scholarship worldwide.