Judith Colell film screening

Coming on Oct 31: Judith Colell Pallarès (Catalan Academy of Cinema)
Thu October 27th 2022, 6:00pm
Pigott Hall, Rm. 113

Judith Colell Pallarès will visit Stanford on Monday, October 31, to talk about some of her movies and to address the current state of affairs for women cinema creators in Spain. This two-part event is part of the course on "The Female Gaze" (ILAC 104) in which we are exploring questions of gazing, gender, and positionality in Iberian cinema, photography, and narrative fiction.
Before the talk, on October 27, we will be screening one of Colell's films. Please join us or watch the film on your own prior to the talk. The film and guest talk will be in Spanish (castellano), and are open to all Stanford students, faculty, and staff.
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Contact Name
ILAC 104 instructor, Laura Menèndez Gorina