Judith Colell on Women's Cinema in Spain

Judith Colell on Women's Cinema in Spain
Mon October 31st 2022, 12:00pm
Pigott Hall, Rm. 252

Speaker(s): Judith Colell Pallarès (Catalan Film Academy and Universitat Ramon Llull)

Judith Colell Pallarès joins us to talk about some of her movies and to address the current state of affairs for women cinema creators in Spain.
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"Nosotras también existimos: La eclosión de las mujeres cineastas en la Península Ibérica"
En 2006, un grupo de mujeres directoras de cine españolas creamos CIMA (Asociación de mujeres cineastas) en respuesta a la sensación generalizada de nuestra invisibilidad enfrente de nuestros compañeros directores. "Es que no hay" era la respuesta cada vez que exigíamos más presencia femenina en nuestro cine. 16 años más tarde, las mujeres se han ido poco a poco situando en primera línea de la cinematografía española y europea en general. Los festivales de Cannes, Venecia y Berlín tuvieron como ganadoras a películas dirigidas por mujeres el 2021. Esta eclosión no es casual. La aparición de nuevos referentes que se empezaron a fraguar ese 2006 ha contribuido claramente a este auge del cine femenino.
Judith Colell is a Film Director and screenwriter, President of the Catalan Film Academy, Ex-Vice President of the Spanish Film Academy, and founder member of CIMA (Association of Audiovisual Women.) Born in Barcelona, she graduated from Art History at the University of Barcelona and obtained her Certificate in Film from the New York University. Combining her work as director with university teaching, she has taught cinema and script at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and the Universitat of Girona, among others, and since 2017 is professor and director of the Degree in Audovisual Communication at Blanquerna (Universitat Ramon Llull.)
She has directed a number of films, including Dones/Mujeres (2001,) awarded at the Sitges Film Festival, and Elisa K (2010,) winner of the Jury’s Special Award at the San Sebastían International Film Festival, the Honorable Jury Mention at Nantes, a Goya for best adapted script and nominated to 5 Gaudí Prizes. She has also directed the telefilms Fragmentos (2003,) Positivos (2008,) Radiaciones (2012,) and El ultimo baile de Carmen Amaya (2014.) Her most recent film, 15 horas, a story of a female victim of gender violence, shot entirely in Santo Domingo, is a production of the Dominican Republic which has been recognized with the Signis Prize at the Málaga Film Festival. 
Respondent: Cristina Moreiras-Menor (University of Michigan), Visiting Professor in ILAC AY22-23.
Before the talk, on October 27, we will screen the film that Colell will discuss. The film and talk will be in Spanish (castellano), questions may be asked in Spanish, Catalan, or English. This two-part event is part of the course on "The Female Gaze" (ILAC 104) in which we are exploring questions of gazing, gender, and positionality in Iberian cinema, photography, and narrative fiction.
If you have any questions, please contact the ILAC 104 instructor, Laura Menèndez Gorina, lauramen [at] stanford.edu
This event is possible thanks to an artsCatalyst grant, with co-sponsorship from the Department of Iberian and Latin American Cultures (ILAC) and The Europe Center. (More co-sponsors will be added as we receive their confirmations.)