Making History with Manuscripts in Medieval Europe

Making History with Manuscripts in Medieval Europe schedule with text that is also located in the body of the event posting
Tue November 15th - Wed November 16th 2022, All day
200-307 (Lane History Corner)

Tuesday, November 15                                                                                   

9.00 Opening discussion

9.45 René Hernández Vera (Copenhagen), Miscellanies of Histories (response Björn Buschbeck)

10.45 N. Kıvılcım Yavuz (Leeds), The Codex as a Compilatio: Historiography in Multitext Manuscripts (response Henry Ravenhall)

11.30 Antoine Brix (Namur), Making History in the Renaissance with Medieval Manuscripts: Jean Le Féron and the Grandes Chroniques de France (response Lane Baker)

1.15 Giulia Boitani (Cambridge), Romance branches out. History and the tree of life in Coligny-Genève, Fondation Bodmer, 147 (response Rachel Wilson)

2.15 Henry Ravenhall (Cambridge), Space, Time, and Authority in a Medieval French Manuscript from Corbie, ca. 1295: Copenhagen, Kongelige Biblioteket, GKS 487 f° (response Christopher Richardson)

3.00 Lane Baker (Stanford), Forgetful Manuscripts: Chronicling the Romani in the Holy Roman Empire, 1400–1450 (response René Hernández Vera)

4.00 Carolyn Cargile (Fordham), Adaptation and Affect: Orderic Vitalis’s Use of the Past in the Historia ecclesiastica (response Giulia Boitani)

4.45 Kate Falardeau (Cambridge), Writing History with Bede’s Martyrology, 800–1200 (response Antonio Lenzo)


Wednesday, November 16

8.45 Björn Buschbeck (Zurich), Medieval Monastic Manuscripts after the Middle Ages. The Case of St. Nikolaus in undis at Strasbourg (response Kate Falardeau)

9.30 Johannes Junge Ruhland (Stanford), Introduction: History – Manuscripts – Making (response Rosa M. Rodríguez-Porto)

10.25 Christopher Richards (NYU), Fabulous Histories (response Antoine Brix)

11.10 Rosa Rodríguez-Porto (Santiago de Compostela and Southern Denmark), Malleable Memories: Book Format and Generic Conventions in the Italian Copies of the Histoire ancienne jusqu’à César (response N. Kıvılcım Yavuz)

12.00 260-252 Jane Gilbert (UCL), keynote, Rhythm and Knowledge, on the Page: The Liber Floridus (Ghent, University Library, MS 92) (please note the room change)

1.30 Green library, Barchas Room Visit to Special Collections (please note the room change)

3.20 Antonio Lenzo (Stanford), Making Eschatology with the Winchester Psalter (response Carolyn Cargile)

4.05 Rachel Wilson (Yale), Richard of Devizes’ Textual Architectures: Mise-en-Page as Rhetoric in CCCC MS 339 (response Johannes Junge Ruhland)

4.55 Closing discussion


Please note that all papers except the keynote address are pre-circulated book chapter drafts

To get access to the draft chapters, register here. Please address questions to Johannes Junge Ruhland, jmjr [at] stanford.edutarget="_blank"

The workshop is sponsored by the Medieval Studies Workshop, CMEMS, the School of Humanities and Sciences, the Department of French and Italian, the Vice Provost for Graduate Education, the Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages, and the Department of History at Stanford University.