Marxisms Reading Group: Auguste Bertholet

Tue October 25th 2022, 5:30pm

The Marxisms Reading Group is a graduate student-led space centered on the history and transnational legacy of Marxist thought in its multiple iterations.

In our upcoming session, we will be joined by special guest Auguste Bertholet (Ph.D. Candidate in History at the University of Lausanne), who specializes in economic development in eighteenth-century Switzerland. He will introduce an excerpt from Rousseau's Julie; or, The New Heloise (1761) and propose a reading of the selection through the lens of his research and Marxist thought. We will then open the floor for questions and discussion.

*We will circulate the excerpt in English and French on October 18*

Since this in-person event marks the triumphal return of Wine & Pizza, we ask you to please RSVP here so we can calculate food and drinks appropriately.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us and we will reply as quickly and as comprehensively as possible.

Contacts:  Evan Alterman and Romina Wainberg
evanalt [at], rwain [at]