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Materia: Money & War



Colin Drumm (History of Consciousness, UC Santa Cruz), Harleen Kaur Bagga (Art History, Stanford)


Thursday, October 1, 2020 - 12:00pm - 1:30pm





Materia: Money & War

We are thrilled to announce that materia's sixth year will kick off next week with a discussion on Money & War led by PhD Candidates Colin Drumm (History of Consciousness, UC Santa Cruz) and Harleen Kaur Bagga (Art History, Stanford).

Colin and Harleen have shared the following descriptions of their brief talks: 
Colin Drumm (History of Consciousness, UC Santa Cruz) 
"Sovereign Servility"
This talk will discuss monetary politics and the limitations of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). The discussion will be framed within a dissertation project on the topic of monetary history and political philosophy, with a focus on Mediterranean antiquity and early modern England.
Harleen Kaur Bagga (Art History, Stanford) 
"To Besiege is To Be Besieged: The Vertiginous Views of Peter Snayers’ Battle Paintings"
Peter Snayers’ topographic-analytical battle paintings present scenes from the long Eighty Years’ War. This presentation examines the twofold nature of Snayers’ treatment of map-like landscapes in his Siege of Breda. Even as the lands are shown to be transformed, conquered, and thereby wounded, they stretch upward to the cosmos, looming precipitously over the troops, besieging rather than being besieged.
In preparation for our virtual gathering, we suggest the reading of the following short texts: Stephan Oettermann's The Panorama. History of a Mass Medium (1997) (select. available here) and Shakespeare's Richard II (1597) (Act one, scene IV, and Act two, scene I; text available here). 
Register in advance here.
materia's 2020-2021 theme for this upcoming year is "Life & Transmission."