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"Muslims of France" - Discussion with Director Karim Miské and Professor Cécile Alduy



Tuesday, February 13, 2018 - 5:30pm


113 Pigott Hall (260-113)



"Muslims of France" - Discussion with Director Karim Miské and Professor Cécile Alduy

Thursday, February 13
Episode 3: French 1981 -2009
Conversation with director Karim Miské and Professor Cécile Alduy
The documentary tells the history of Muslims in France, starting with the 1904 arrival of poor North African immigrants to the 2007 election of Muslim candidates to government offices. It asks the questions: what does it mean to be a Muslim in France today? How did Islam become the second religion in France?
Karim Miské is filmmaker and novelist. Miské made a number of documentaries for twenty years on a wide range of issues including colonial legacies, hip hop culture, informal economy, freedom of press, and bioethics. His widely-acclaimed debut novel Arab Jazz (2012) won the English PEN Award. His recent works are autobiographical graphical novels N’appartenir (“Unbelonging”, 2015) and S’appartenir (“Belonging”, 2016). Miské is FSI-Humanities Center International Visitor, 2017-18 and Aron Rodrigue International Visitor, 2017-18.
Professor of French Cécile Alduy works on notions of “nationhood”, “identity,” on cultural and political constructions and mythologies of “Frenchness”. She is a regular contributor to The Atlantic, The Nation, Politico, Le Monde, New York Times and other outlets. Her new book, Ce qu'ils disent vraiment. Les présidentiables pris aux mots, was published in 2017.
Muslims of France is a film by Karim Miské, © Cie des Phares & Balises – France Télévisions - Ina – France, 2009