Workshop in Poetics: Prof. Nigel Smith

Workshop in Poetics: Prof. Nigel Smith
Fri November 19th 2021, 1:00 - 2:30pm
Pigott Hall (Bldg. 260), Rm 252 & Zoom

Speaker(s): Prof. Nigel Smith (Princeton University) and Robert von Hallberg (Claremont-McKenna College; University of Chicago)

Nigel Smith is William and Annie S. Paton Foundation Professor of Ancient and Modern Literature, Princeton University, and Marta Sutton Weeks External Fellow, Stanford Humanities Center, 2021-22.

Robert von Hallberg is Professor of English, Claremont-McKenna College and Helen A. Regenstein Professor of English and Comparative Literature Emeritus, University of Chicago.

They will be discussing, first with one another and then with all of us, Purity of Diction in English Verse, Dissenting Poetics and the Student Revolution: Donald Davie in Cambridge, Essex and Stanford, and What Next?

In-person is only available to current Stanford members. Remote attendance is available.

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