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Life in Quarantine News Updates

On November 16, 2020, Stanford PhD candidates and Life in Quarantine project managers Nelson Shuchmacher Endebo (Comparative Literature), Ellis Schriefer (ILAC) and Farah Bazzi (History) delivered a presentation at the Open Education Global 2020 Conference.

The presentation launched Teaching Quarantine, an exciting new collaboration with Dave Dillon, professor and counselor at Grossmont College, and curator and co-author of three OER (Open Educational Resources), including Blueprint for Success in College and Career (Rebus Community, 2018), which won a Textbook Excellence Award from the Textbook and Academic Authors Association and an Open Textbook Award from Open Education Global.
You can view the presentation video at
Together, Life in Quarantine and Prof. Dillon have created a space where teachers can share, comment on, exchange and adapt syllabi, assignments, activities, methodologies, lesson plans, and ideas about how they are responsibly addressing the pandemic in their distinct disciplines and classrooms. You can learn more about the initiative at

On November 5, 2020, our partners at the NoiseFilter podcast, hosted by medical doctors Eric Griggs and MarkAlain Dery, are currently recording a new set of episodes featuring stories people have shared with Life in Quarantine. People can listen to previous episodes at So far, Life in Quarantine has collected and published over 350 stories from 30+ countries in 13 languages. We encourage everyone to share their own perspectives on life in 2020 at Submissions are published anonymously, and you can opt in to be considered for a podcast version!
We would also like to announce that our literary initiative, Words in Quarantine, curated by our partner, East Coast poet Megha Sood, has reached a high mark this week, as Richard Blanco submitted one of his poems! Blanco, the 5th U.S. poet laurate, read at Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2013. In addition to Blanco, our website so far has brought together 38 writers from all over the world. People can read their work, and writers can share their work, at