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SESI Update in Pigott Hall


SESI Update in Pigott Hall

Jul 15, 2013

Hey DLCL community! We hope you are having a wonderful summer. Wondering what's been going on in Pigott Hall recently?

Stanford is currently undergoing our SESI upgrade (switching from steam heat to energy efficient hot water). Read more about the SESI Project.

At the same time, Pigott Hall is also undergoing major space renovation projects. For those of you who are around this summer, you may notice that the halls are filled with relocated furniture, books, and duct tape. You might be wondering about the construction noises and odd smells. But rest assured, it is all so that we can enjoy a safer, functional, and more organized building in the fall. And for those of you who are not around this summer, expect to see some exciting new changes in Pigott Hall next quarter!

SESI is a campuswide initiative. For those who are interested to see the campus' progress as a whole, see the map below. To everyone who is actively roaming the campus this summer, please note that one-lane road closures will continue on Santa Teresa Street as well as Campus Drive between Lomita Drive and Roth Way. For further SESI scheduling, please visit the piping and building conversion site. Stay tuned! Regular updates to follow!