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Undergraduate Essay Prizes: Submissions due May 2023

Here are the forms to submit papers to the DLCL Undergraduate Academic Prizes / Department Awards.
Before you begin, make sure the student author's name is removed from the essay document, to ensure fair judging. Please sign into your Stanford account before clicking these links.
All submissions are due Monday May 8 by 4:00pm PDT.
Comparative Literature
French and Italian: French*
French and Italian: Italian
German Studies
Iberian and Latin American Cultures
Slavic Languages and Literatures
For papers written by undergraduate students and turned in as coursework for DLCL and Language Center courses during for Spring 2022 - Spring 2023. Cross-listed courses allowed, if taught by a DLCL-affiliated instructor. Co-terms can submit papers for undergraduate or 200-level courses. Instructors may also nominate student papers using these forms.
Generally, papers written in a language of the program (if relevant) will be given higher consideration than papers written in English. Creative works (prose, poetry) can be submitted if they meet the coursework requirements above. *French and FrenLang papers should have the instructor's comments included, if given.
Questions: email Judy Nugent jnugent2 [at] (jnugent2[at]stanford[dot]edu). Submissions will not be accepted by email or in-person, unless the submission form doesn't work. The winners will be contacted by email in June.