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Symposium: 'El' y 'Elle' - recordando a Mercedes Pinto / Retrospectiva Valeria Sarmiento



Tuesday, May 27, 2008 - 10:00am

Symposium: 'El' y 'Elle' - recordando a Mercedes Pinto / Retrospectiva Valeria Sarmiento

The symposium aims to offer a transatlantic and transcontinental analysis of women’s condition as seen through literature and film and to examine the function of both artistic manifestations as ideological and social vehicles/venues of expression.

We will evaluate the literary works of Mercedes Pinto in light of the different existing screenplay adaptations of her work. To date, neither El (by Buñuel) nor Ella (by Sarmiento) have been placed side by side in an effort to compare both films and to do so during the symposium we will have experts on Buñuel as well as Sarmiento herself.

We aim to provide a critical retrospective of the cinematographic works of Valeria Sarmiento and draw attention to the powerful connection between both authors, Mercedes Pinto and Valeria Sarmiento. The former escaped the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera (as well as a violent family situation) and decided to live in South America. Half a century later, the latter escaped Pinochet’s dictatorship and has lived in Paris for over three decades. Additionally, both authors developed active careers as feminists. Valeria Sarmiento’s feminism can be seen in her documentaries and films, including El hombre cuando es hombre (1981), Mi boda contigo (1984), Amelia Lopes O’Neill (1990), Elle (1995), El desconocido de Estrasburgo (1998), and Rosa la China.


Special Guests: filmmaker Valeria Sarmiento and actor Gustavo Rojo Pinto

Panelists: Roberto Brodsky, Julianne Burton-Carvajal, Margarita de la Vega Hurtado, Alicia Llarena, Paulo Antonio Paranaguá, Jorge Ruffinelli, Cristián Sánchez, and Patricia Torres San Martín

Participant Biographies

Sponsored by the Center for Latin American Studies and the Department of Iberian and Latin American Cultures