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Workshop with Steve Dixon: Digital Performance



Wednesday, March 3, 2010 - 12:35pm

Workshop with Steve Dixon: Digital Performance


All those interested in the theory and practice of Digital Performance are invited to come to see  Professor STEVE DIXON give a lecture and workshop Monday March 1 and Wednesday March 3 on the field of his unmatched expertise.

Steve Dixon is author of Digital Performance:  A History of the New Media in Theater, Dance, Performance Art, and Installation," which has been described as "a vast and startling," "virtually impossible work."  "To read this work is to enter deeply into the creative artistic imagination that codes so much of contemporary digital experience."  Dixon's book won The Award for Excellence in Music and Performance Arts conferred by the Association of American Publishers for the year 2007.

Professor Dixon is also a professional actor and the creator and director of the multimedia research group Chameleons, which has produced prize-winning performances on DVD.  Please join us for the two events:

Monday March 1, 12:35-2:05  

"The Body and Its Double in Multimedia Theater and Digital Performance"
Education Bldg, Rm 130

Wednesday March 3, 12:35-2:05...through 4:30 for people who can stay

"Creating a Digital Performance Piece":  workshop with students
Pigott Theater (behind Mem Aud)

Excerpts from his book, "The Genealogy of Digital Performance" and "Liveness," are attached belwo for pre-reading.