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Alberto Comparini


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Alberto Comparini

Alberto Comparini is a first year graduate student in Italian at Stanford University.

He received both his B.A. in Lettere moderne (2007-2010, summa cum laude) and M.A. in Letterature e civiltà moderne (2010-2012, summa cum laude) from Università degli Studi di Genova, where he studied history of Italian langauge and contemporary Italian literature with Prof. Enrico Testa and Prof. Franco Contorbia. During his M.A. degree, he worked as teaching assistant at Durham University (January-June 2012), where he taught Italian language.

He primarily works on 20thcentury Italian literature from a comparative perspective, in its connections with ancient (Greek and Latin) and modern literatures (French and German). He is also interested in the relationships between literature, philosophy, and religion.

He attended conferences in Italy, Austria, and United Kingdom. He has published a book on the poetry of Eugenio Montale, and essays on Giorgio Caproni's religous poetry, Cesare Pavese's "Dialoghi con Leucò", history of Italian modern poetry, and on fictional characters either in poetry or in novel. Currently he is working on a second book, based on a new reading of Pavese's "Dialoghi con Leucò".