Alex Woloch (Department of English)

Alex Woloch

Richard W. Lyman Professor of the Humanities
Professor, by courtesy, of Comparative Literature
1998: Ph.D., Comparative Literature, Yale University
1992: B.A., Comparative Literature, Columbia College

Alex Woloch received his B.A. and Ph.D. in Comparative Literature. He teaches and writes about literary criticism, narrative theory, the history of the novel, and nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature. He is the author of The One vs. The Many: Minor Characters and the Space of the Protagonist in the Novel (Princeton UP, 2003), which attempts to reestablish the centrality of characterization — the fictional representation of human beings — within narrative poetics. He is also the author of Or Orwell: Writing and Democratic Socialism (Harvard UP, 2016), which takes up the literature-and-politics question through a close reading of George Orwell’s generically experimental non-fiction prose. A new book in progress, provisionally entitled Partial Representation, will consider the complicated relationship between realism and form in a variety of media, genres and texts. This book will focus on the paradoxical ways in which form is at once necessary, and inimical, to representation. Woloch is also the co-editor, with Peter Brooks of Whose Freud?: The Place of Psychoanalysis in Contemporary Culture (Yale UP, 2000).



(650) 723-4594
Margaret Jacks Hall, Bldg 460, Rm 307

Research Interests

  • British Languages, Literatures, and Cultures


  • Literary Criticism (history of criticism, theory of literature)