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Alison Davis


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Francophone literature
education reform
Writers as public intellectuals

Alison Davis

Ph.D. Candidate in French


Alison is a PhD candidate in focusing on francophone studies and its development as an academic discipline.  She is the recipient of the Lobel Fellowship and has received additional funding from the DLCL and the Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies to pursue research in Québec and Tunisia, respectively.  Her primary interests include bi- and multilingual literature, the politics of language, curriculum development, and education reform.


"The Tunisian Table." Stanford Journal of African Studies. 7 (2011), 30-33.


Discussant, Edith Stein Project. University of Notre Dame, February 13-15, 2010.

"La rhétorique arabe dans les nouvelles d'Assia Djebar." L'ordre des signes et l'ordre social dans le roman francophone. Université Laval, Quebec City, May 4-5 2011.

Discussant, National Jewish Retreat. Rohr Center for Jewish Life, Stamford, CT, August 17-21 2011.

"Il n'y a plus de monopole: Romain Gary's La vie devant soi as a precusor to littérature-monde." Europe's Dis/Integration. McGill University, Montréal, April 20-22 2012.

"A Framework for the Postcolonial Literature Classroom." On Activism and Academia. Stanford University, Stanford, October 14-15 2013.