Ariel Horowitz
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Ariel Horowitz

Ph.D. candidate in Comparative Literature, admitted Autumn 2021
2020: M.A. Summa Cum Laude, Comparative Literature, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
2017: B.A., Comparative Literature and Philosophy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Ariel Horowitz is a Ph.D. candidate in Comparative Literature, focusing on twentieth century Jewish literature, and how writers in post-1945 United States and post-1948 Israel/Palestine cultivate their understandings of Jewishness vis-à-vis questions of nationalism, sovereignty, and political power. His dissertation presents a comparative analysis of the concept of redemption in the writings of Hannah Arendt, Philip Roth, and S. Y. Agnon. He is also interested in the interplay between literature and historiography, and in the afterlives of the 1948 war in Jewish collective memory and culture. Other interests include critical theory, political theology, theories of history, and the novel as a genre.

Ariel holds a BA in Comparative Literature and Philosophy, and an MA in Comparative Literature, both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His MA thesis focused on the writings of Jewish mysticism scholar Gershom Scholem and Hebrew novelist Yaakov Shabtai, with relation to secularism and messianism. Ariel is also a novelist: his debut novel, Our Finest, was published in Hebrew with Keter Publishing House in 2021 and won critical acclaim; his second novel, The Ghost Editor, will be published with Keter in the summer of 2024.



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