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Benjamin Conteh


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Benjamin Conteh

Undergraduate Major in German Studies

Four memorable years at Stanford... a temporal span within which the DLCL availed me with every resource to explore the nuclei, edges, and corners of my academic passions. With my love for histories, languages and cultures, I entered Stanford with the desire to complement my experiences living, traveling, studying, and volunteering in Germany with formal engagement with German cultural, historical and political discourses. The great ideas I encountered during my time at the Department of German Studies have enriched and empowered me in ways that only the richest ideas from a bottomless and boundless stream of knowledge could educate, enrich, and empower an individual.

My time at Stanford was, of course, aided by many people whose support made it possible for me to enter Stanford University in the first place. Among my staunchest allies are: my mother, Kadiatu Conteh-Gbla, father, Francis Conteh, sister, Francess Conteh, friend, Mariama Charm, and brother Paul Conteh. My family and friends’ aspirations are my inspiration! Thank you Mom, Dad, “Mummy,” “May,” and “Ohm’s” for the nearly unconditional love, care, concern and support.

Central to my success at Stanford was the guidance I received from professors. Professors William E. Petig and Adrian Daub have been particularly helpful to me. Thank you very much Professor Petig and Professor Daub for the generous help you have rendered me both inside and outside the seminar halls in my time on The Farm.

Education programs run by The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia (WAC) and The Union League of Philadelphia (ULP) exposed me to international learning, which not only deepened my interest in international affairs, but also nurtured my aspiration to explore international relations. The generous support I received from the Gates Mil- lennium Scholars Program (GMS)—and from the program’s benefactor, William “Bill” Gates, Jr.—gave me the requisite financial standing for successful conclu- sion of undergraduate study at Stanford. The work of the Palo Alto-based non-profit institution, QuestBridge (QB), also played an important role in my maintaining balance at Stanford. Thank you Mr. Gates, GMS, QB, WAC, and ULP for your great works, which have so tremendously aided my growth.

I thank Ms. Erin Johnson, Bodine High School’s former liaison to the World Affairs Council. I also thank all of Bodine’s teachers who educate us with absolute dedication and faith. Ms. Johnson’s mentorship and guidance and Bodine’s educators’ unreserved assistance are the cardinal factors that encouraged me to even dream of
a Stanford education.

Thank you Stanford University for four great years of self-discovery and learning. Thank you for giving me the tools to better help myself and to empower others! Auf Wiederhören!