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Boris Shoshitaishvili


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Boris Shoshitaishvili

Boris is a graduate student in the Comparative Literature Ph.D. program, with a Ph.D. minor in Classics. He co-founded and co-organized CompColl (Comparative Literature's departmental colloquium) and was the DLCL's graduate co-organizer of the Philosophy & Literature Research Workshop. He has been a regular participant and frequent presenter at Stanford's PRG (Philosophical Reading Group). His academic interests include epic poetry, ancient Greek and Latin literature, narrative theory, fantasy fiction, and encounters between literary thinking and philosophy/science.
His master’s thesis compared the adaptation of Greek mythic figures of death (Thanatos/Charos) in the Odysseia, the 20th century epic of Nikos Kazantzakis, to the transformation of Sisyphus in Albert Camus's philosophical treatise, The Myth of Sisyphus. Before beginning his Ph.D. at Stanford, Boris taught English and Latin at a high school in Istanbul, Turkey.
In his dissertation, he is developing a new approach to epic as a genre of world-weaving narrative; that is, of narrative extending beyond what we typically call literature. The project in its full sweep includes the Homeric epics, the Biblical scriptures, and the scientific narrative of evolutionary biology; his dissertation focuses on the Iliad.


2012: M.A., Classics with an emphasis in Philology, University of Arizona
2010: Sc.B., Biology and A.B. (Hons.), Classics, magna cum laude, Brown University