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Cécile Tresfels


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Cécile Tresfels

I work on 16th century French Literature and my research is driven by the concept of peregrinity, which includes the foreign, the bizarre, the curious or even the monstrous. I'm interested in how people, writers and travelers apprehend the diverseness of the world. I completed my master’s degree at the University of Paris 3-Sorbonne Nouvelle where I worked on Rabelais’ hybrid writing.
I am currently working on the relationship between knowledge and fear in the Renaissance, at the crossroads of critical semantics and the history of the self. I explore the changes that the word "apprehension" underwent, going from perception to prospective fear during the 16th century, and the relationship of this semantic change with the way the early-modern subject experienced the world. My corpus includes the works of Helisenne de Crenne, François Rabelais, Jean de Léry, Michel de Montaigne and Marguerite de Valois.
-Social Media Manager for Arcade:
-Co-chair of the Renaissances Focal Group (2014-2016):
-Co-organizer of the DLCL Film Series (2013-2016):
Courses Taught:
Spring 2017: Instructor: FRENCH 163: Monsters of the Renaissance
Summer 2016: Instructor: FRENLANG 5 C, Intensive First-Year French, Part III
Winter 2016: Collaborative Teaching Project, co-instructor with Robert Harrison and Luis Rodriguez-Rincon: ITALIAN 41N: Imagining Venice
Fall 2015:  Graduate Teaching Assistant for Cecile Alduy: FRENCH 130: Introduction to Medieval and Renaissance French Literature
Fall 2015: Instructor: FRENLANG 21C-01
Spring 2015: Instructor: FRENLANG 3-03
Winter 2015: Instructor: FRENLANG 2-03
Fall 2014: Instructor: FRENLANG 1-02
Fall 2014: Collaborative Teaching Project, co-instructor with Marisa Galvez and Natalie Deam: FRENCH 151, Performing the Middle Ages
Book Review: “Ambroise Paré. Des monstres et prodiges,” Renaissance Quarterly 70, no. 2 (Summer 2017): 696-698.