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Caridad Kenna



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Caridad Kenna

Caridad Ravenet Kenna specializes in 19th and 20th Centuries Iberian literatures. Her research has focused on the post-Franco narrative within the parameters of culture and politics, as well as the influence that time and memory have exerted on the production of such narrative, including the re-writing of the official history of the Franco years.

Her research interests also address the Hispanic Caribbean, in particular contemporary Cuba.  She is currently comparing and analyzing the literary production of authors of the Spanish diaspora before 1975 with those of the Cuban diaspora from 1961 to the present. 


ILAC 120 Advanced Critical Reading in Spanish

Research and writing in the humanities; focus is on culture, literature, and society of the Spanish-speaking world. Students will learn how to conduct research online and in the library while developing archive skills. Emphasis is on skill-building while exploring topics of interest to each student from various historical periods and global locations. Prerequisite: SPANLANG 13 or equivalent. Meets Writing-in-the-Major requirement.

ILAC 138 From National Angst to Incipient Modernity: Spanish Literature After Empire

This course focuses on the most predominant and influential Spanish writers from 1836 to 1936, exploring the emergence of a new political and social conscience in Spain and its transition from global empire to a nation that questions the ideas behind its world decline and eventual Civil War. The writers chosen portray a nation trying to find a new political order after the failure of various forms of government. Readings include the nonfiction and narrative of Larra, Espronceda, Galdós, and subsequently analyzing the innovative thinking and actions of Generation of 1898 philosopher Unamuno and the poets Machado and García Lorca. Taught in Spanish.