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Chloe Summers Edmondson


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Chloe Summers Edmondson

French & Italian Department Graduate Representative 2015-2016

Chloe Edmondson is a Ph.D. candidate in the French department. She specializes in French literary and cultural history of the long eighteenth century, with a particular focus on epistolarity. She also works on projects in the digital humanities, having completed the Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities offered through CESTA, the Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis. Chloe is co-project lead on the "Salons Project" with Melanie Conroy, a project under the umbrella of "Mapping the Republic of Letters." She has published in The Journal of Modern History and Digital Humanities Quarterly. Currently, she is co-editing a volume with Dan Edelstein entitled Networks of European Enlightenment, forthcoming with Oxford Studies in the Enlightenment.
Previously she earned a B.A. with Honors and Distinction in French, and an M.A. in Communication and Media Studies, both at Stanford. Chloe wrote an Honors Thesis entitled “Between Sociability and Literature: Female Authorship in Enlightenment and Post-Revolutionary France” under her advisor Professor Dan Edelstein, which demonstrates how practices of sociability in the High Enlightenment afforded women both socio-cultural and literary influence into the 19th century, through studies of Julie de Lespinasse, Madame de Genlis, and Madame de Staël. In Communication, her MA thesis, “The Rebirth of Exteriority: The Socio-Visual Circulation of the Self in the 19th century and Today” under Professor Fred Turner, compares practices of vernacular photography in the nineteenth century to the practices we see today on Instagram, examining the impacts of this socio-visual culture on processes of self-fashioning. 


M.A., Communication with concentration in Media Studies, Stanford
B.A., French, with Honors, with Distinction, Stanford