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Cici Malik


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Cici Malik

PhD Candidate in Iberian and Latin American Cultures, ABD


Cici Malik is interested in fifteenth and sixteenth century Iberian literatures. She is writing her dissertation on how the poetry of Ausiàs March provides insight into questions of self and experience during the late medieval and early modern periods. 


BA, magna cum laude, Colby College, Biology and Spanish


Stanford University Centennial Teaching Award, 2009

Colby College Senior Spanish Prize, 2004


Barletta, Vincent, Mark L. Bajus, and Cici Malik, eds. and trans. Dreams of Waking: An Anthology of Early Modern Iberian Lyric Poetry, 1400-1700. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2013.

“Ressuscitant la llengua: El Faust de Goethe i El Comte Arnau de Maragall.” Trans. Montse Guasch. En el batec del temps: vint invitacions a la lectura de Joan Maragall en ocasió del cent cinquantè aniversari de la seva naixença i el centenari de la seva mort. Barcelona: Generalitat de Catalunya, Institució de les Lletres Catalanes, 2012. 435-52.

“Infección y resistencia: Discurso biológico en la Comparació de Cathalunya ab Troya.” Res publica: Revista de filosofía política 21 (2009): 107-25.

Courses Taught at Stanford:

Accelerated First-Year Catalan (CATLANG 1A, 2A)

Accelerated First-Year Spanish (SPANLANG 2A)

First-Year Spanish (SPANLANG 1, 2, 3)

Medieval and Early Modern Iberian Literatures (ILAC 157)

Second-Year Spanish, Cultural Emphasis (SPANLANG 11C, 12C, 25B)