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Cristian Felipe Soler Reyes


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Cristian Felipe Soler Reyes

I have an inter/pluri/trans/meta/multidisciplinary background in food delivery (with a particular focus on Tex-Mex cuisine), toilet cleaning (with a particular focus on Tex-Mex cuisine too), coat checking-in at party venues, car guarding at parking lots, moving out furniture, editing cattle breeding manuals, teaching Spanish at colleges in the United States, and teaching English at colleges in Colombia.


Ph.D. Iberian and Latin American Cultures, Stanford University, 2022 (expected, but it won't happensad)
             Ph.D. Minor in Philosophy, Literature, and Arts
Diploma in Photography and Digital Image, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 2016
M. A. Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Columbia University, 2013
B.A. Literature, Universidad de Los Andes, 2011
B.A. Philosophy, Universidad de Los Andes, 2011