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Daniele Biffanti


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Daniele Biffanti

I'm a PhD Candidate in Italian, working mainly on post-WWII literature, cinema, and political history, and second language acquisition. After obtaining a BA in Modern Literatures and an MA in Modern Philology, both from the the University of Padova, I worked for two years as a teaching assistant at Bard College (NY).
In my dissertation, I consider how historical events of crucial national importance are turned into fictional narratives – founding myths – and seek to determine how their diachronic re-shaping reflects cultural progress in society. Specifically, I analyze how the founding myth of the Italian Republic - the Resistenza against Nazi-Fascism and subsequent Liberazione - has generated different narrative legacies in literature and cinema, and how the development of these legacies in the 20th and 21st century can be traced and interpreted as a form of mythologization.


2014-2016: Teaching Assistant and Language Instructor; Bard College.
2015: Laurea Magistrale (M.A.), Modern Philology, University of Padova.
2012-2013: Erasmus European Exchange Programme - Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies, University of Warwick.
2011: Laurea Triennale (B.A.), Modern Literature, University of Padova.

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