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Ekaterina Neklyudova


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19th century prose
history of everyday life
Holocaust diaries
cultural studies
Literature and Medicine

Ekaterina Neklyudova

PhD Candidate in Russian Literature

Dissertation Title"Under Doctors' Eyes: Private life in Russian Literature in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century"


  • “The Virtual Museum of the Holocaust and the Resistance,” William Ready Division of Archives and Research Collections, McMaster University Library, 2012

  • “Writing against Destruction.” Trans-cultural Studies: A Series in Interdisciplinary Research, 2009 (in press)
  • "Treating The Writer: Medical Reports of Russian Writers After 1837." Die Welt der Slaven: 'Sammelbände-Sborniki'. Ed. by P. Rehder, I. Smirnov. Munich: Otto Sagner, 2008. 
  • "'A Limitless Well of Experiences': The Prison Diary as a Genre." Essays on Russian Literature in Honor of Olga Raevsky Hughes and Robert P. Hughes. Ed. L. Fleishman and H. McLean. Stanford, 2006. 519-532
  • " Apollo’s Resurrection: Literature and Medicine – Origin, History, and Methodology" (in Russian). Russian Literature and Medicine: Body, Prescriptions, and Social Practices. Ed. K. Bogdanov et al. Moscow: Novoe Izdatel’stvo, 2006. 16-27
  • "The Family Doctor and Women's Secrets." Mythology and Everyday Life (Mifologiia i Povsednevnost), St. Petersburg: Aleteia, 2001. 362-369 (In Russian)

Conference Papers:

  • “Discovering Everyday Life: Doctors in Nineteenth-century Russian Fiction.” The Annual Meeting of Canadian Association of Slavists (CAS), University of Waterloo, May, 2012
  • “The Elaboration of Professional Identity in the First-Person Writings of Nineteenth-Century Russian Doctors.” The Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES), Los Angeles, November, 2010
  • Case Histories in the Russian Prose: Sources, Dynamics, and Perspective. AATSEEL,Philadelphia, December, 2009
  • Quacks, Sorcerers, or Prophets: Mesmerists and Magnetizers in the Russian Literature of 1820s-1850s. California Slavic Colloquium, UC Berkeley, April, 2009
  • "Writing Against Destruction." Sophia – Transcultural Bridglet: International Conference, Radboud University ofNijmegen, The Netherlands, June 27-28, 2007
  • "Treating the Writer: Medical Reports of Russian Writers after 1837." Perspectives on Slavistics 2006, University of Regensburg, Germany, September 21-24, 2006
  • "The Physical Deformity of Doctors in Russian Romantic Prose." Health, Illness, and Representation: Association for Medical Humanities UK. Fourth Annual Meeting, King’s College, London, September 4-5, 2006
  • "'A Limitless Well Of Experiences': The Prison Diary As A Genre." California Slavic Colloquium, UC Berkeley, March, 2005

Moscow, Russia

Minor - Related Field:
Jewish Studies

Russian (native), English, French, German, Dutch, Latin, Ancient Greek, Hebrew

Current Position:
PhD Candidate (8th year)